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Founder Overview

Dr. Violet Weed holds several advanced academic degrees (Math, Comparative Economics & Inernational Marketing). Dr. Weed has had a rather eclectic career, but for the past three decades her focus has been on software development across platforms ranging from mainframe through dotNet to Linux & Unix for multiple domains; specifically, telephony, financial trans­actions, casualty & healthcare insurance, prescription delivery, defense & aerospace projects (some "need to know" and/or offshore), hospitality reservation systems, curriculum & testing services). Throughout her career, she has led & mentored many teams (near-shore, offshore, colocated or a combination thereof).


Men don't learn much from the lessons of history — and that is the most important lesson from history.

– Aldous Huxley


Note: Starting on March 28th, 2021: This site is being moved away from Google Blogger because of Google's new "terms & conditions" which indicate that Google intends to 'censor' aka "cancel" any adult (aka "conservative") voices. If you no longer see this message on the Roguegirrl home page, then the site is now fully moved to a new ISP where the US Constititional RIGHT of FREE SPEECH is honored.

Note: As long as this message is still visible on the Roguegirrl Home page, then you can assume the menu links may not be fully working yet and that there are still many remaining articles to be uploaded.

"Behind every successful woman is herself — with God's Grace."