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Note: All data on this particular page is "historic"; that is, I collected data on covid-19 from December 2019 through mid-2020. In May of 2020, I ceased displaying such real-time data because I knew it was all politically biased propaganda. I have left the data table in place, below, because it represents how propaganda can look like accurate data while in fact are disinformation blatantly spsread by and according to an ominous agenda. An agenda promulgated by neo-socialists whose overwe'ening master plan is to control Americans by our normal fear of death — a fear that is so pervasive and horrifying to most humans that Truth crumbles before the juggernaut of lies. Cowering Americans remain silent while neo-Nazis attack our God-given freedoms as we watch the Supreme Court Justices do nothing to stop the destruction of US Constitutional Rights without the need to fire a single shot.


Covid-19 Review: Part One


A global flu pandemic would kill between seven million and 200 million, depending on which scientist or medical journal you read.

— Florence Nightinggale
Born: May 12, 1820; Died: August 13, 1910 (of natural causes, not the flu)


The Covid-19 "P[L]AN-demic"

Is it Real … or fabricated?

In my youth, I acquired two doctorates (Mathematics and Comparative Economics). If that proves anything at all, it is that I learned back then how to put my head down and, while doing my best to keep a "disinterested perspective", do as much research as necessary in order to prove or to disprove the available information and data on any subject or situation of interest to me. Gradually over my lifetime, my focus tightened. It now is vastly more important to me to find out the truths or falsehoods concerning US-specific issues, particularly, covid-19 [so-called] 'pandemic' and why Trump allowed the Democrats, clearly working in alliance with America's enemies (China, Iran, etc) to blatantly steal the Presidential election when the evidence is blatant and widespread (more on this latter issue under the menu-heading "Lies, Damn Lies". This particular area of the website (Health) will concentrate on Covid-19.


There have been many flu virus pandemics over the past century, including the Hong Kong Flu Pandemic that swept across the world in 1968, killing over ONE MILLION HUMAN BEINGS in the six months of that year's Flu Season. Throughout that timeframe, absolutely not one country in the world shut down businesses, forced citizens (and visitors) to stay locked in their homes, hotel rooms, shelters for even one day or severalmonths. But then I don't think the current crop of NWO / neosocialists had been born yet.

I will spotlight several other pandemics of the 20th century in Part Three of this Article on Covid-19.


Real Life Conversations Concerning the Curent "Pandemic"

The phone rings. I answer. It's 10am, April 18th, 2020. Someone says "Good morning." I recognize the deep timbre of a longtime friend, "Harry". He lives in California. I ask Harry about his wife. I have a vested interest, she's my godchild and I introduced Harry to her a decade ago. Eighteen months ago she suffered a stroke giving birth to their fourth child. Now she is confined to a wheel chair with limited use of her arms. My friend willingly bears a triple burden — caring for his wife and their pre-adolescent kids, keeping their home clean & livable and, until two months ago, working a fulltime job.

Harry reports that the 'stimulus check' he was expecting has not arrived. Apparently, the IRS erroneously deposited it into a non-existent bank account, now they say they will mail a paper check "soon". It doesn't really matter. That government handout won't cover the usual, for California, exorbitantly overpriced, rent for a small three-bedroom one-bath house in a bad area of San Diego (or anywhere in California, in my opinion).

We pray together, sincerely beseeching our Creator to break the evil spell covering the world today and stop the satanic minions from doing their worst to destroy the human race by fear mongering. After the call ends, I wipe away tears. I've had many such sad conversations since mid January when this madness began.

The rest of that day was "more of the same" until I was emotionally exhausted and fell into bed at sunset. My sleep was fitful, filled with one nightmarish vision after another. When the distant sound of a siren woke me in the pre-dawn, before my last bad dream faded, I quickly wrote down everything that I could remember about the dream.

In the dream, instead of a "shining light at the end of a tunnel" I saw a shimmering mirage of what appeared to be the last front-page story of the final issue of the New York Times.



People Riot in the Streets

The photographer and I cautiously make our way along the trash-strewn streets. We pass dozens of "Foreclosed," "Keep Out by Order of the Sheriff" or "Looters will be shot on sight" and similar signage, haphazardly hanging from remnants of splintered doors or storefronts of what were formerly thriving small businesses, but now are empty, looted of their merchandise. The only sounds are the glass crunching under our steel-toed boots muffled by the endless howling of the wind. The building walls are covered with political posters. We can't always tell which political party is represented because the posters are also crisscrossed with layers of graffiti and gang tats.

We pause as the photographer adjusts his camera lens. He's looking at a woman. Her hair is disheveled, its color uncertain because of the thick coating of ash from the now slowly diminishing fires that are everywhere. Her blouse is torn, her age uncertain but she seems young. She is slumped against a grimy partially collapsed wall. Clutched tightly in her arms is a rag doll … no, not a doll, it's a body — a tiny, lifeless human body. The woman is moaning, her eyes glazed, her face bruised and bloody. A low moan then a muffled word that sounds like "Sarah" escapes her half-open mouth. We cannot help her. It is her grief, a mother's pain, not to be shared. The photographer snaps an image, we move on. All we see is devastation, shattered windows, drifting dark clouds of noxious smoke.

Has Armageddon arrived? Has Beel­ze­bub won the war? Perhaps. But God promised, and His Son, Jesus, reiterated: Satan does not win the war, only the occasional battle.


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