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Covid-19 Review: Part Two

While I drank my morning decafinated Irish Breakfast tea, my thoughts drifted back to the first time I actively participated in "social defiance". It wasn't all that defiant, I simply pasted a popular 1970s bumper sticker displaying two words, "Question Authority", on the back window of my 67 Shelby Mustang.

Back then I did not think of that bumper-sticker as an important "social statement, but it really was. In fact, it was a succinct philosophical commentary on the state of the world in the 70s. Ironically, rather than being archaic in these so-called "enlightened times", "Question Authority" should be more important; indeed! a rallying cry for all Americans who are finally realizing what it means to be free and what happens when one does not fight for the right to remain free. It is only sheep and cattle that will placidly follow each other into the abattoir. We should be more like pigs. They seem to know when they are being led to the slaughter and, man oh man!, do they fight back, even though they always lose [their heads]in the end.

Who is Responsible for the Unconstitutional Mandates about Covid-19?

Who caused the global frenzy concerning the Covid-19 virus? For this article the writer is primarily concerned for what is happening in the United States of America. I am not an expert on laws and customs in other countries around the world. Therefore I am solely focused on the situation in the USA and how it is impacting Americans.

Right now, left-wing agitators are shouting "It's President Trump fault!" But is Trump at fault?

Technically, President Trump is not guilty. No, I don't mean "because he has not been judged (and found guilty) in a court of US law" but because he has done nothing wrong, he simply obeyed the US Constitution. In case you have forgotten or slept through that civics class, the United States of America is a "constitutional republic". Under Article Two of our Constitution, the President is responsible for the "execution and enforcement" of the laws that are created by Congress, not by the President. It was Congress who set aside the US Constitution and 'guided' elected or appointed government officials (State, County, City (and towns) to mandate American citizens to give up their rights and submit to unhealthy and illegal scenarios such as lockdowns and wearing of face masks. Why did Congress do that? I'll be kind and suggest there are several reasons, only one of which sounds like it is "the right thing to do", but in fact that is the totally wrong thing to do. Keep on reading, I explain why I think that, shortly.

The main reason for the government's hyperbolic reaction to Covid-19 pandemic is quite obvious: the elected officials who are in the Democrat party are counting on Covid-19 coming back in the fall of this year. That is likely. Why? Because, as is usual when a new virus runs rampant throughout the American populace then dies down, the US CDC and WHO organizations "downgrade" it. Then they move that virus into the "Seasonal Flu" virus databases. You think I'm wrong about that? No, I'm not. I read many many articles and official posts on the various CDC and WHO sites. They speak about such manipulation of virus groupings quite openly. Did you know that the SARS and H1N1 viruses are no longer singled out but are grouped into the Seasonal Flu grouping? Here's one CDC site where they talk openly about the Seasonal Flu publicly admitting the CDC stopped tracking and reporting data related to the Seasonal Flu as of "April 4, 2020" because the CDC decided the current flu season ended on that date (although clearly it did not.)

You may remember that on Part One of this article, I shared the CDC SARRS homepage. This morning I returned to that CDC site. The homepage has been redesigned sometime in the past ten days. But they did not change their claim that "no SARS infections have been reported...since 2004". That is a lie. Ask any non-CDC epidemiologist. Right now paragraph two on CDC SARS site. blatantly pushes that lie.

For further reading, click the link to the CDC Swine Flu Informational site. You can determine for yourself if the CDC always tells the truth or indulges in "boolean truth" I'll explain that version of truth in Part Three of this article. For now, remember the label I have given to what my own dad used to call "it's just a white lie" when he had me, as a child, answer our phone and say "daddy's not home". File that under "lies parents teach their kids".

When flu season returns this year with the onset of colder weather, people who were infected with, but survived, Covid-19, now have immunity to that virus. Why? They were infected but survived thus now are immune to it because of antibodies against Covid-19 in their blood. What are antibodies? Antibodies "are blood proteins produced in response to and counteracting a specific antigen. antibodies combine chemically with substances that the body recognizes as alien, such as bacteria, viruses and foreign substances in the blood."


Don't Drink the Koolaid… Again

Americans were 'ordered' to ignore the normal human 'herd nature' and keep apart from other people. Thus only the people who actually were infected by Covid-19, and survived, are the only Americans to have antibodies protecting them from getting Covid-19 again. Covid-19 is projected to come back with the start of the 2020-2021 Flu Season (October 2020). Worldwide Covid-19 has killed less than 1% of people infected with it. (I survived a Covid-19 infection with only two-days of mild symptoms. By the way, I'm almost 72 years old.) Those who 'obeyed' Dr. Fauci's misbegotten directive to self-isolate or the unconstitutional 'lockdown' mandates may indeed catch Covid-19 when it returns. That's what the "sky is falling" over-reaction by elected or appointed government officials are hoping for. (Again I say "follow the money" because they are making money from this Global conspiracy. I would know, I am a mathematician who could make money through currency investing, but I don't play that evil game.)

If you are healthy, without a compromised immune system or not taking many prescription drugs, you should 'not self isolate' whether you fear Covid-19 or the Seasonal Flu. Wash your hands often, of course, but live your life as if today was your last day, because we all die and none of us know when, so LIVE WHILE YOU CAN. To put this into perspective, for the 2018-2019 Flu Season (the most current year for which I could find solid sdtats), "45,000,000" people worldwide were infected with the Seasonal Flu, "61,000" Americans died from it. I could not find solid Seasonal Flu stats for the recently ended, 2019-2020 Flu Season. I couldn't find them because I surmise the CDC and WHO took them down. Do you understand what I'm implying? Do your own research, of course.


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