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The following post was written and published on my old Google blog in fall of 2019. Thus there is no mention within this post (and a few others that I am still porting to this [my current] blog), of the blatant lies told by the CDC, the W.H.O., leftist politicians (aka "swamprats"), mainsream media, antifa terrorists, marxist "Black Lives Matter", et al concerning the fear-mongering propaganda regarding 'covid-19'. Once I complete porting my pertinent existing posts to this new ISP, I will put links to any brand-new posts on the home page of each section of this site: (the new and maybe improved) "Roguegirrl".


JACADS Program, Chemical Engineering & Me

How my work on a South Pacific coral atoll helped me reveal the Lies about Covid-19.

In the 1990s I accepted an offshore contract through a division of Raytheon. This project was the U.S. Army's first chemical munitions disposal facility. It was located on Johnston Island, at Johnston Atoll and completed its mission in 2000, ceasing operation then. The name of the facility was: Johnston Atoll Chemical Agent Disposal System (JACADS for short). I left the program several years before the facility closed, but I stayed in touch with a number of JACADS coworkers. In the intervening years, those coworkers remain good friends. Some of them are directly responsible for my twenty-plus years interest and study of in manmade chemical agents and natural viruses that often plague humanity. Currently, I am analyzing the premise espoused by some biologists who consider viruses to be a life form because they carry genetic material, reproduce, and evolve through natural selection, although they lack the key charactistics such as cell structure that are generally considered necessary criteria for life.

Then in 2017, when the Syrian military purportedly attacked Syrian civilians with Sarin gas, I watched the live news reports, and listened to the associated rhetoric. I was astonished to hear American news media and US Congress[wo]men decry the reported use of the widely available Sarin gas to kill Syria's citizens by its own military members.

I was puzzled even more when I heard President Trump express his disgust that Syria's President Bashar Hafez-al-Assad (a dictator) of killing his people with that gas. Having watched the live news broadcasts from Syria, it was blatantly obvious to me that the live videos of dead & dying victims of the Syrian gas attacks as well as the actions of the "First Responders" that the gas could not have been "Sarin". None of the "first responders" were wearing hazmat suits, which would most definitely be required for areas bombarded with Sarin gas.

Had the gas been "Sarin" the victims would have been affected within seconds; the usual symptoms would have been blatantly obvious within a few minutes, and inexorably the victims would have died. There would have been no survivors.

For more information on "Sarin Gas", Click here. During a Sarin gas attack, the only people who could have survived would already be wearing full Hazmat attire with breathing equipment. Everyone else would have been dead or inexporably dying. Because the first responders (people rushing in to help the victims) were not wearing any kind of Hazmat clothing. Those responders would have died too, yet none did. Why not? Because the gas attack was not Sarin.

The victims of the gas attack were choking. Thus, the gas sprayed on Syrians was clearly a choking agent such as Phosgene or Chlorine gas. It was later admitted that the gas was indeed not Sarin but Chlorine. Why was Western mainstream media and American government officials so quick to jump on the "Sarin gas" bandwagon? It seems that both Syria and Israel have large stockpiles of Sarin gas, thus it was a short step to "shouting Sarin Gas attack!, without any proof. At least, after myself and many others started shouting back on Twitter: "Phosgene or Chlorine the likely culprit" the media and government entitles were forced to back off the claim of 'Sarin" as the agent.

Why were so many countries so quick to condemn Assad? Because of what is underground in Syria — a large lake of oil.

Supposedly, Israel also has an underground lake of oil. In both cases, who wants that oil? All the other Middle Eastern countries, Russia, the United States of America, ad infinitum.

Why? I am forced to repeat again because it seems to need repeating: Follow the money, follow the money!

However much they tried, all the government entities, in the USA and elsewhere, could not fool any expert scientific witnesses nor anyone who had ever worked on a Chemical Demilitarization program (not just JACADS but other such programs around the US). How did we know? Because of news coverage of the gas attacks. The "first responders" were picking up dead and dying people but were not wearing hazmat suits. If the chemical weapon used had been Sarin gas, the first responders would also have begun dying, and that did not happen. Furthermore, the dying victims were "choking" which is a sign of the aforementioned choking agents.

At the time of the gas attacks in Syria, I was considered an 'influencer' on Twitter. I was one of the leading tweeters railling against the media and governmental allegations against Assad. In mid 2019, after resolving to use my time more effectively, I ddeleted my Twitter account. I had realized what a foolish time-wasting exercise it was to spend an hour per day posting 140-character messages for strangers to read. I have not missed tweeting, since I stopped.

It doesn't matter that Assad is a dictator in Syria, it's stupid to attack him with lies when it is "Truth that sets one free". Lies just arouse suspicions in most people, especially in Americans. The following year when the American government had caved and admitted it was "Chlorine gas" that was used to attack the Syrian people, then a US General convinced President Trump, a man I admire, to let the General shoot a rocket at a factory that supposedly US intelligence had determined was making that aforementioned Chlorine Gas, we were waiting in the wings. Immediately after that rocket hit its target those of us who were paying attention, full attention!, were on social media again describing the 'mistake' that had been made. The rocket destroyed the factory as intended, but again the government (and our military leaders, apparently) forgot that not all Americans accept falsehoods as truth just because authority figures tell the lies.

What do I mean?

Simply this: The rocket flattened its target, a building in Syria. But if that building had been a factory for making Chlorine Gas the resultant explosion would have lit up the skies and been photographed from the Space Station. It would have been a most spectacularly lovely photograph too, because, you see ,when Chlorine Gas is bombed it explodes as though it were a nuclear bomb, with a giant mushroom cloud reaching hundreds of feet into the sky.

It did not.

Instead the building simply collapsed and burned like any other bombed building would. It turns out it was a "Research and Development" center, not a manufacturing facility. Sure, the government probably had 'intel' that made them believe the Syrian scientists were about to reveal some fabulous new weapon, but why the lies to the American people? Do such government entities really think that we are utterly stupid and gullible? You tell me!

Those public lies have yet to be explained to Americans, nor has anyone apologized for having an undeclared, thus illegal one-bomb war against another UN member (Syria). That happens to be against US Law. Even though I like President Trump, I no longer have as much respect for him as I did when he first won the Presidency. Like most of my fellow Americans, I watch and wait … wondering what the future holds for what may become "the late, great United States of America". Time will tell.


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