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If you tell a lie long enough, it becomes the truth.

— Joseph Goebells


In this writer's opinion, the above quote epittimizes both the Covid-19 Worldwide "PLAN"-demic as well as the carefully orchestrated cyber-attack on the USA by domestic traitors and foreign actors on our "U.S. General Election" of November 3rd, 2020. (I will cover both those catastrophic actions elsewhere on this website.)

A leading mid-20th Century Nazi propaqgandist: Joseph Goebbels wrote that quote in the early 1930s. Goebells was Adolph Hitler's Reich Minister of Propaganda for Nazi Germany from 1933 until May 1st, 1945. On that date Joseph Goebbels murdered his wife and their six children by forcing them to ingest cyanide poison. Then in the ultimate act of cowardice, as the Third Reich crumbled before the Allieds, Goebbels committed suicide. He left behind a lifetime of satanic evil including the ominous quote shown above.

Sadly, the current crop of 21st-Century satan's minions (BLM marxists, mainstream media, political swamprats & Antifa terrorists) have used Goebbels twisted ideas to destroy America and attack our way of life and our Us Constitutional rights.