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Prayers to Our Heavenly Father


Prayer for Healing

Father God,
We beseech You, if it be your will,
that you heal our sister / brother in Christ,
who is suffering from an illness.
But there is no illness that is too difficult for You, our Creator, to heal.
We pray that You bless our friend with Your Love and Grace,
renew our friend's strength,
replace our friend's fear with Your Peace and
heal our friend's body and mind,
In the name of Your Son Jesus Christ.


Prayer of Protection for America and Americans

Father, send your Angels to protect us and our great nation from all the evil that surrounds our lives and our US Constitution. We pray you give us your shield of safety and security, place Heavenly guards at our home doors. Father, please lift us up so our hearts are fearless and fill us with your peace, which surpasses all our understanding.

Thank you for being our refuge and strength. You are the omnipresent help in difficult times. In your faithfulness, we will not be afraid of this world’s dangers. Stay with us wherever we go and keep us in your loving hands.

Washed clean with the Blood of the Lamb,
we pray in the name of your Son, Jesus Christ,


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