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What is Windows Clipboard & How can It Help You Work More Efficiently?

How to Change Settings for Windows Clipboard

  1. On the "Settings" page, in the left-hand column, scroll down and click "Clipboard".
  2. On the right-side of the page under "Clipboard history", cluck the button to turn on "Save multiple items to the clipboard to use later".
    (If the button is already set to "on" do not click it as that will turn off the 'save' feature for Clipboard History items.
  1. You have now completed the setup for saving items in Clipboard History. Close the "system" window.
  2. When you are working in an application on your Windows-based computer and you want to access an item from the Clipboard History, press the shortcut key combo: Win-Key + V . The "Clipboard History" window opens.
  3. Scroll through the list to find the item you want to paste into your document, then click on that item to paste it. Before you paste it, make sure you open "Clipboard History" after you have put your mouse pointer to the exact spot where you want to paste the item.
  4. Note: If you do not want to save all items in "Clipboard History" you can save only the items you really want to remain in your Clipboard History even after you close or reboot your Windows machine. Do that by opening "Clipboard History" again (Win-key+V), notice that to the right of each item is a &nellip . If you click on an item's …, a 'flyout menu' will open. The menu currently contains three items (Delete, Pin, Clear All). Click 'delete" to delete an item, click "pin" to ensure an item remains in the Clipboard History window, or click "Clear All" to remove all items from the list. The latter feature is useful if you have been storing sensitive data and you do not want any traces of that data to be available in the "Clipboard History".

Now you know all there is to know about using Windows' Clipboard. Of course, you can still use the simple "cut/paste" or "copy/paste" method if you like, but now you have a choice. As a writer (and semi-retired Software Technologist), I use Win-Key + V far more frequently than the average person. But it is definitely a personal choice.


Minor Update: Be careful that anything you cut or copy is ACCURATE when you want to paste it. I pasted an item from the "Clipboard History" that had a typo in it. I did not notice until I'd updated this page and a dozen others, sigh. Then I had to go back and fix my mistake on each of those pages and reload them to my website, which is far more tedious a project than you might imagine. I guess that proves tnat you should never proofread your documents BY YOURSELF.