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Technology Links:

Microsoft Excel for Beginners (and Beyond)

This is the course I would have written myself but for the fact that I'm too lazy. The creator, "Teacher's Tech" is wonderfully skilled at training, very step-by-step, soothing voice that is easy to listen to while you try out his examples. I even admit I learned something while watching his videos. Learn and Grow, people, learn.and.grow — every day you wake up breathing.


Teacher's Tech: Microsoft Word Tutorials

Teacher's Tech is dedicated to helping others learn. He has also done a video series on Microsoft Word. Watch the video below and subscribe to his playlist. This man is a great trainer!


If you are on your computer when click the link for Teacher's Tech playlist (below) it will open in a new, smaller window. You can then maximize the page as you wish in the usual way. If you don't know what the 'usual way' is, you're too inexperiened for these videos. Teacher's Tech: Full Playlist


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